Pogopalooza History


Pogopalooza 9

Pogopalooza 9 was another defining year for the sport, proving to be the most polished competition ever with the largest crowds in history. Back in Costa Mesa, CA, the event was a tightly-concentrated 3-day affair that produced defining runs and heart-pounding world record moments. Marking the end of 9 years of grassroots competition productions, the [...]


Pogopalooza 8

Pogopalooza 8 was by all accounts the strongest Pogopalooza to date, taking place in the famed Action Sports Arena as an official part of the OC Fair. Sharing a venue used by the Mountain Dew Tour and X-Games MotoX athletes, Pogopalooza 8 gained a well-deserved stamp of extreme sports legitimacy. New for 2011 was the instantly [...]


Pogopalooza 7

Pogopalooza 7 built off of the momentum from Pogopalooza 6, bringing still greater numbers of jumpers to the West. A new staple of the event introduced at Pogopalooza 7 was the Qualifying Rounds, a separate day of competition that took place in Park City, UT. NPR ran a national piece on the event, Dan Mahoney set [...]


Pogopalooza 6

Pogopalooza 6 was a game-changing year for not only Pogopalooza, but the sport of Xpogo as a whole. Jumpers traveled from around the world to Pittsburgh to take part in 4 days of events engaging the entire city. From university performances to science center exhibits to the famous Mt. Washington photo shoot, to the exhilarating [...]


Pogopalooza 5

Pogopalooza 5 was the first time the event was held in a major venue – Knott’s Berry Farm. Major media channels in SoCal did pieces on the event, Nick McClintock landed the first ever stickflip to take home gold in the Best Trick competition


Pogopalooza 4

Pogopalooza 4 stood as another solid step forward for the event, bringing a record number of competitors to the west coast.  The event saw real sponsor presence and the most structured set of competitions to date.  To close out the event, Fred Grzybowski set the high jump record at 7’7”. Pogopalooza 4 Videos:


Pogopalooza 3

Pogopalooza 3 focused heavily on the competition for the first time, drawing more jumpers than ever.  The event began to receive attention from the local press and hint at the soon-to-be classic structure of Big Air, Tech, Best Trick, and High Jump competitions. Pogopalooza 3 Videos:


Pogopalooza 2

Building upon year 1, Pogopalooza 2 attracted several additional jumpers to a new city. The competition elements of the event were far from refined, but everyone involved had a great time, new tricks were born, and all locked on to year 3.


Pogopalooza 1

The first world championships of Xpogo – a humble gathering of 6 of the sport’s founders in a parking lot in Nebraska