About Us

Xpogo LLC is the international governing body for the sport of Xpogo

Acting as the nerve center for the domain of Xpogo, Xpogo LLC manages multiple brands, a premier global performance team, a decade-old renowned annual competition, professional athletes, a high-traffic website, and worldwide public relations for Xpogo. Additionally, Xpogo LLC facilitates strategic partnerships between the many different industries tied to Xpogo.

Recognized as the commanding force behind the growth of extreme pogo, Xpogo LLC has developed and nurtured strong support in the form of athletes, manufacturers, media partners, scientists and inventors, fitness experts, and fans across the world.


Xpogo LLC strives to develop the sport of Xpogo through the management of competitions, strategic partnerships, merchandising and retail, talent, platforms, and content. Our company’s ultimate goal is to grow and perpetuate the sport of Xpogo around the world.


Nick Ryan – CEO  & Co-Founder

Nick Ryan began bouncing over a decade ago and helped to pioneer the sport of Xpogo.  Along with a core team of founders, Nick invented many of the tricks still seen in the sport today.  Nick was ranked one of the top athletes globally until injuries in 2006 forced him to stop competing.  Nick took over production of the Pogopalooza competition in 2009 and has been the lead producer on the event ever since.  Today, Nick is the CEO of Xpogo LLC and, along with his partners, manages the global operations and development of the sport of Xpogo.

Nick McClintock – Chief Creative Officer & Co-Founder

For over 13 years, Nick McClintock has shaped the identity of the sport of Xpogo both by laying the foundations for a large number of the sport’s signature tricks, and by setting the standard for the visual representation of the sport through his design, and video production work. Today Nick is Chief Creative Officer of Xpogo LLC and oversees the development of the sport as it relates to competitions, content creation, athlete management, and everything in between. 

Fred Grzybowski – Chief Athletic Officer & Co-Founder

Fred Grzybowski is one of the godfathers of the sport of Xpogo and has been a major force in shaping the landscape of the tricks performed today.  Fred has appeared on numerous prime time television shows across the world and has contributed profoundly to the sport’s exposure across the years.  Today, Fred still competes but is turning his focus towards mentoring the upcoming generation of jumpers while managing his role as Chief Athletic Offer for Xpogo LLC.


For more information, to connect with the founders, or discuss business development opportunities, please reach out to us at info@Xpogo.com